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Open House 2016This was our Open House 2016! Read more about it and find various pictures and impressions of our Open House 2016 in the south of Germany, close to Lake Constance.


Open House 2016 - Das EventOur Open House took place during the 15th to the 19th of March in Wasserburg, a picturesque small village on the Bodensee Lake. We offered our customers and business partners the opportunity to take a deep view in our projects: the retrofit of a Walter Classic Power. During our event, we spoke about new projects and exchanged some new ideas about the idea of having a Retrofit done, instead of buying a new machine.  

Certainly we took into consideration new customers who were interested in buying overhauled machines. It was especially useful that potential and current customers meet so that there was a dynamic exchange of ideas and contacts among them. For more details please visit our Facebook profile...

Retrofit is better than new!If you are going to visit the GrindTec in Augsburg this year you should not miss our Open House in Wasserburg (Bodensee). Here are already some first impressions about our work. During your visit we will offer machine demos and provide retrofit options. As your comfort is important to us, we will offer free shuttle service to and from the show. 

Curious? Check out the invitation right below and sign up now for your visit!

We look forward to your visit




It is an honor and privilege for WMS Nöbauer, in cooperation with SOS Elektronik, to host this high level event designed to bring together all those who wish to become more information about a Classic Power Retrofit. 

This event aims to provide a scheduled framework for all customers and partners with live demos and personalized service. 

As such, we would be happy to help you to organize your event and of course, to meet you personally! 

Are you interested? Sign up at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Wir möchten alle Firmen und Kunden zu unserer Open House 2016 einladen! 

Wir werden Ihnen zeigen was alles möglich ist bei Reparatur, Retrofit & Service im Bereich Werkzeugschleifen.

Sind Sie interessiert? Dann bieten wir um Anmeldung unter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Prezados clientes e parceiros da WMS Nöbauer, 

A fim de atendermos a necessidade dos nossos clientes em Portugal e no Brasil, também estaremos oferecendo assessoria completa em português. 

Favor entrar em contato com a Sra. Leticia Nöbauer!

Caso haja interesse, favor nos contatar no e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Teremos prazer em ajudá-los no que for preciso.

ersatzteile01WMS Noebauer offers spare parts for a wide range of machine tools and types. Parts for all common types of machines can, according to customer needs, be shipped immediately from our well-stocked warehouse. On request we can configure and hold customer-tailored spare parts packages and transport these right up to the machine if required.

Spare parts packages, such as for a complete Walter Helitronic Power production machine, consisting of all mechanical spare parts (e.g. linear guides, ball screws, grinding spindles, bearings, seals, bellows, etc.) can at any time be quickly put together and shipped out. This enables WMS Noebauer to immediately provide on-site help when problems arise.

prj-eve Among others, our machine tool services include the following:

Repairs: The main focus of WMS Noebauer concerns repairs of machine tools. As such, we particularly specialize on tool grinding machines, surface grinding machines and milling machines. Where in the case of tool grinding machines, those manufactured by the Walter Maschinenbau belong to our prime areas of application, such as:

logo-mWMS Noebauer evolved from the service activities of the former Austrian branch of the HAHN & KOLB.

Since 1994, we have provided services and repairs for machine tools from various manufacturers. Initially we began with machines that had previously been sold by HAHN & KOLB Austria, but later in 1994 we started to cooperate with other leading machine tool supplier factories, such as Hurco and WALTER Maschinenbau.

The work that we performed on Hurco and WALTER Maschinenbau machines was initially performed under the terms of a factory-authorized technician subcontract. In parallel, we continued to support and constantly enlarge our own WMS Noebauer customer-base.

Since 2009, the focus of our activities has been to overhaul and retrofit machine tools. Initially we limited this to older type machines built before 1985, so as not to violate the cooperation agreement with WALTER Maschinenbau.