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Open House 2016This was our Open House 2016! Read more about it and find various pictures and impressions of our Open House 2016 in the south of Germany, close to Lake Constance.


Argentinien01This project consisted of completely revitalizing a scrapped “Walter-BG“ Broach Grinding Machine obtained from the company FIAT (Argentina) and successfully putting it back into service for our customer “Herrarmar (Argentina).

Project flow
Right at the start of the project the fundamental question had to be clarified of whether the reconstruction of the machine should be performed utilizing with the original old control system from Andron, or whether the working condition of the control and drive system was too poor to use. Finally, Herramar opted for a conversion to a completely new control system, last but not least, to ensure lasting process reliability in operation. The "Delta Tau Advantage" control system implemented represents state-of the-art technology and is perfectly matched for use with tool grinding machines having more than four axes.


Repair of the X and Y axis slideway coatings of a Type BMC 40/50 milling machine at the company Cosma Engineering Europe AG, in Oberwaltersdorf (Austria).

During this project, in addition to renewing the slideway coatings, we also replaced the lubrication system.

Customer benefits
Through the work performed on this machine, the customer is able to keep this key machine in his production process for many more years and at an extremely low cost. WMS Noebauer was awarded this job because of their very high level of know-how in the field of such fine precision work. In this project there was a special requirement for important parts to be hand-scraped while maintaining the highest accuracy of the machine surface geometry.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the results.

The complete overhaul of a milling machine for the company: Herz Armaturen GmbH, Vienna.

Project flow
As In the course of this project the machine was completely technically overhauled, including the exchange of all ball screw drives, as well as the renewal of the milling spindle. On all machine axes the defective slideway coatings were removed and new ones were installed.

Customer benefits
The hand-scraping of the machine surfaces is performed on request only after consultation with the customer and then only according to the respective DIN Standard tolerances.

For the company Bosch, WMS Noebauer successfully implemented their desire to increase the productivity of their Helitronic Power Production machine. This machine was specifically upgraded to fulfil its primary application for grinding special step drills. This was also a particularly interesting project for WMS Noebauer.

Project flow

Untitled-1Firstly, the drives were upgraded in order to increase the speed of the machine. Also by renewing the guides, the maximum load ratings and moments were additionally increased. Through the installation of a cooled grinding spindle motor the thermal growth within the machine was eliminated and simultaneously enabled more power to be transmitted to the grinding spindle. At the customer’s request a new control system, together with optimized software, was also installed.

The newly installed recirculating roller guidance systems increased the dynamic load rating of the machine from 62.3 kN to 67.4 kN and the static load rating from 96.6 kN to 175 kN. The permissible static moments were also increased from Ma / MA 1.38 kNm to 1.80 kNm and Mc from 1.53 kNm to 2.81 kNm. This resulted in the machine behaving in a much stiffer manner than before the conversion.

Projekt-BoschLater in the project, the measurement systems were upgraded utilizing the latest Heidenhain measuring technology. This led, together with the new oil-cooled 30 kW main spindle motor, to a thermal stabilization of the machine, which in turn lead to a significant improvement in the grinding accuracy.

Customer benefits

The modifications and additional enhancements performed by WMS Noebauer resulted in reducing the grinding time for a step drill from 8 min 20 sec to 3 min 50 sec.

This represents a grinding time reduction of some 57%, while simultaneously increasing the grinding quality. The life of the tools has also increased significantly.

Although we are used to producing efficiency improvements for our customers, such a significant increase in efficiency is not necessarily an everyday experience and positively surprised not only the company Bosch.

Overhaul of two production machines for the company Böhler-Uddeholm Precision Strip.

1. Boehler-Uddeholm Precision Strip “MH600E2” production machine: the overhaul of this machine was performed on-site at the company Boehler. The axis guideways of a MH600E2 Precision Strip machine were completely re-aligned and hand-scraped to re-establish the original machine geometry condition.

In addition, the spindle bearings of the milling spindle were renewed, and other important bearings and drive belts were also replaced.

The tool changer was put back into operation and adjusted accordingly.

2. Boehler-Uddeholm Precision Strip “MH500W” production machine: the overhaul of this machine involved the grinding and hand-scraping all axis V-guideways and associated rear gripping guides (Hintergriffleisten).

Concerning the milling spindle drive; the drive motor was overhauled, the Variator-drive was renewed and all bearings in the headstock replaced.

The spindle bearings of the vertical milling head were exchanged and all bellows and slideway wipers were replaced.


Eines unsere Projekte war es eine Walter Helitronic 45 in Pune - Indien zu reparieren.

heli4501Durch die etwas beengten Räumlichkeiten und das fehlen eines Kranes in der Produktion war es nicht ganz leicht die Reparatur so durchzuführen wie es sich gehört.

Mit Tatkräftiger Unterstützung der ganzen Belegschaft konnten wir aber auch in solchen Situationen eine perfekte Reparatur gewährleisten.

Da es für uns nie in den Sinn kam Führungsschienen zu tauschen ohne eine Überprüfung der Lage / Parallelität der Führungen zu testen war es die einzige Option den Turm nur mit Menschenkraft aus der Maschine auszubauen. Nach dem tausch aller Führungen und der Montage aller Kugelgewindetriebe wurden alle Elektrischen Kabel, Pneumatikleitungen sowie die gesamte heli4503Zentralschmierung erneuert. Zu diesem Zwecke haben wir uns auch entschieden alle Leitungen und Kabel in Schleppketten zu verlegen um zu gewährleisten das die neuen Kabel und Leitungen möglichst lange Unversehrt bleiben.(2 Fotos - Schleppkette an 45  Foto388 und Foto392). Da es für uns immer darum geht die Maschinen für den Kunden so zu reparieren wie es der Kunde wünscht und das zu den besten Konditionen für unser Kunden ist es auch manchmal nötig Reparaturen so durchzuführen wie hier in Indien. Unser Kunde Carbtools PVT LTD wollte die Maschine repariert, diese aber nicht nach Deutschland senden zu einer Überholung, da dies den Rahmen der Reparaturkosten gesprengt hätte. Da wir die Reparatur vor Ort durchführen konnten wurde der Kostenrahmen eingehalten und die Maschine schleift wieder wie an dem Tag als Sie das Werk in Tübingen verlassen hatte.