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Open House 2016This was our Open House 2016! Read more about it and find various pictures and impressions of our Open House 2016 in the south of Germany, close to Lake Constance.


Project Magna-Cosma

Repair of the X and Y axis slideway coatings of a Type BMC 40/50 milling machine at the company Cosma Engineering Europe AG, in Oberwaltersdorf (Austria).

During this project, in addition to renewing the slideway coatings, we also replaced the lubrication system.

Customer benefits
Through the work performed on this machine, the customer is able to keep this key machine in his production process for many more years and at an extremely low cost. WMS Noebauer was awarded this job because of their very high level of know-how in the field of such fine precision work. In this project there was a special requirement for important parts to be hand-scraped while maintaining the highest accuracy of the machine surface geometry.

The customer was extremely satisfied with the results.