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Open House 2016This was our Open House 2016! Read more about it and find various pictures and impressions of our Open House 2016 in the south of Germany, close to Lake Constance.


About us Featured

logo-mWMS Noebauer evolved from the service activities of the former Austrian branch of the HAHN & KOLB.

Since 1994, we have provided services and repairs for machine tools from various manufacturers. Initially we began with machines that had previously been sold by HAHN & KOLB Austria, but later in 1994 we started to cooperate with other leading machine tool supplier factories, such as Hurco and WALTER Maschinenbau.

The work that we performed on Hurco and WALTER Maschinenbau machines was initially performed under the terms of a factory-authorized technician subcontract. In parallel, we continued to support and constantly enlarge our own WMS Noebauer customer-base.

Since 2009, the focus of our activities has been to overhaul and retrofit machine tools. Initially we limited this to older type machines built before 1985, so as not to violate the cooperation agreement with WALTER Maschinenbau.


However, in the meantime WMS Noebauer offers general repairs, retrofitting and renovation of all types and brands of machine tools, regardless of the age and condition of the particular machines.

Contrary to our competitors, WMS Noebauer also provides all of our services on-site worldwide. This enables you to save considerably on transport, shipping and insurance costs and expensive machine downtime can be considerably shortened.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us via our contact form...